Our Story. Your Family.

Compassionate care and companionship so you can worry less and enjoy the little things that matter most.

For Papa’s Sake Home Care provides customized home care services and assistance with daily activities to accommodate you or your loved one’s unique needs. While some may just need companionship, others may require more involved personal care. Voted the #1 agency in North America in the top 100 in Experience by Home Care Pulse in 2022. We ensure best-in-class quality care and companionship.

Each individual we serve becomes a part of our family. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of care and companionship, enabling them to feel safe and enjoy the comforts of home.

For Papa’s Sake Home Care was started because of just that – the need for home care with caregivers that truly care about you. We understand how it feels to want the best care for your loved one, yet not be able to provide it yourself or find a compassionate caregiver that genuinely cares and doesn’t neglect the most basic needs.

Papa, our founders’ beloved father and grandfather, experienced a tragic end-of-life experience due to lack of communication and neglect from the care he was receiving in a nursing home.

We couldn’t be there 24/7. And, worst of all, no one even offered the care he and all others deserve.

Papa was a powerful force and an entertainer in the war. His job was to provide positive memories of the war for the soldiers – to make them laugh and keep their minds off of the war and all they were missing back home. His joy in life was to simply put a smile on someone’s face.

We took that same mindset and carried it forward to create a thriving home care solution that makes a positive difference in our community and truly brings joy to all those we serve.

We believe in…


Then in May of 2023 an opportunity came along to take this amazing organization and join forces with Avid Health at Home, a growing home care company, whose vision and mission build on our own:

Coupling quality person to person care with innovative technology to provide a wholistic approach to person-centered care. We aim to expand services across every market in our service area and expand the role Home Care plays in the larger heath care system.

Our organization maintains a focus on providing quality in-home supports to individuals of all ages who are frail, disabled, and in need of help. We believe the best place for care is wherever you call home, and we strive to deliver exceptional care to improve health outcomes.

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