Last Minute Mother's Day Ideas

Roses, chocolate and jewelry tend to consume the market during Mother’s Day. In case you’re looking for the perfect gift for your senior mother or the special mother-like person in your life, we have some unique and thoughtful ideas outside of the standard gifts. Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so here are a few great last minute shopping ideas to help get you inspired.

Peace Lily
Having indoor plants is not only an accessory for your home but has many benefits for your health. Plants help with breathing as well as purify and humidify the air. Although there are many benefits for house plants, they tend to be very difficult to maintain, especially for the elderly. The Peace Lily is a beautiful and low maintenance plant that only requires watering once a week. The Peace Lily is also known for its ability to purify the air which is an added benefit during allergy season. This is a wonderful gift the mother in your life will be able to enjoy every day.

LED Candles
Candles are the leading cause of house fires. Even though candles provide a calming and peaceful presence, they are easily forgotten about and could lead to a dangerous fire. LED candles are beautiful and safe alternatives to regular candles. LED candles come with remotes that controls the power, sets brightness and even comes with a timer. These battery-operated candles will leave you worry free of any house fires while creating a beautiful ambience for any home.

Bathroom Grips
The bathroom can be one of the easiest places for injuries to occur. Amazon has many different bathroom grips available for showers and bathtubs. For bathtubs, there are bars available that can be installed for $28.00. This bar locks onto the corner of the tub for an easy grab when getting in and out of the tub. A shower bar also safely assists on getting in and out of the shower. These are easily installed into any shower wall. These gifts are practical, safe and inexpensive while creating peace of mind for the family at the same time. Win-Win.

Light Weight Blanket
Living in the mid-west, we all know the weather here can be unpredictable so having a light weight blanket is always a good call. Light weight blankets are perfect to keep your loved one warm. These throw blankets are soft and cozy for year-round use. They come in simple colors or fun patterns to match your mother’s perfect style.

Cooling Pillow
Now, here is a cool idea. Hot flashes and night sweats often go hand-in-hand with aging seniors. These gel pillows are a perfect marriage of comfort and coolness. Cool, refreshing and rejuvenating gel layers are your permanent solution for anyone that gets overheated at night and is looking for a cool down.

Digital Photo Frame
Can’t decide which photos to display in your house? A digital photo frame is a great way to display as many photos as you want without having to select your favorites.

From all of us at For Papa’s Sake Home Care, we wish you a beautiful Mother’s Day filled with endless love.

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