What’s With the Name For Papa’s Sake?

If there is one question we get all the time, it’s “what’s with the name For Papa’s Sake?” It’s definitely a conversation starter, that’s for sure! When we started thinking through our name several years ago, we knew we wanted to be different and connect with why we started the business.

The core of why we opened For Papa’s Sake was centered around my father, Harry Picker (or better known as Papa to his grandkids). I spent most days at the nursing home with him as his health declined. We ended up “adopting” others that didn’t have family members and welcomed them to our family. On Sundays, my daughter would come in from the city and we would bring in dinner for Papa and our adopted family members. It was our home away from home and knew it was a piece of home for the individuals in the nursing home.

Papa was our everything. He was an entertainer, a loving father, a comedian, an adored grandfather, a singer, a brother and so much more. Even towards the end of his life, he was determined to make us laugh. When we decided to dedicate our business to him, we wanted to keep his spirit with us. We recognize that often times, we can’t change the circumstance. We can’t change that mom or dad needs help, but we can do everything we can to put a smile on their face. We can go above and beyond to ensure family members have what they need, plus some.

After my dad passed, I kept telling myself there must be a better way to help seniors age with the respect and dignity they deserve. When the smoke cleared, the fuel was lit to start For Papa’s Sake and we haven’t looked back once. Everyone has a papa – whether it’s your dad, mom, grandpa, grandma, sister, brother…the list goes on and on. We truly believe people thrive in their own home surrounded by their belongings, their memories, and their cherished possessions. Everything we do, we do with Papa in mind, knowing he’s looking down on us smiling.

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